Notes of Note from John F. Ince

From the Introduction to The Money Question:

As our economic and environmental crises intensify, a new wave of thinkers and social entrepreneurs are putting forth business models with the power to transform the systems that support us.  Pieces of a comprehensive solution that had been disjointed and disorganized are coming together as building blocks for a sustainable solution to our financial, ecological and social crisis.  These innovators are not your typical blue suits, nor are they a rag tag collection of fluffy thinking dreamers. They represent a full spectrum from the worlds of finance, environmentalism, non profit, philanthropy and public policy. They include bankers, foundations, activists, new money, venture capitalists, financial advisors as well and a whole new breed of social entrepreneurs who are changing the world with business models that integrate financial return with social contribution and ecology. Their discussions are rooted in rigorous analysis and hard metrics.  The consensus is clear: the old models of capitalism are coming under serious stress, and the time is ripe for bold new thinking that integrates a more holistic view of what constitutes true economic value and sound investment strategy.

via John Ince’s Blog – Vox.


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