Notes of Note from John F. Ince

This all done with the implicit guarantee of taxpayer money ….

And the carry trade will work out fine. Until it doesn’t. Then the trade will unwind quickly, and those who do not get out in time will get hurt badly.

But the banks are not worried. If the unwinding of what NYU economist Nouriel Roubini has labeled “the mother of all carry trades” takes a bank or two down with it, everything will be all right. Because the bank deposits are still insured, and we now know to an absolute certainty that if one of the elite institutions fails, we will bail it out. Again.

It is time that we come to grips with the depravity of the current situation, and potential damage that continuing down this path may yet do to the financial system and to our economy.

Our commercial banks are not, and should not be, hedge funds. U.S. dollar carry trades and writing credit default swaps are not core commercial banking functions. They are not necessary to the efficient functioning of our financial system.

The U.S. dollar carry trade is destructive to our currency, and is creating asset bubbles across the world, as leverage is transferred from our markets into others. For their part, credit default swaps serve no useful purpose in proportion to the systemic risks they create.

It is time to go back to basics. Commercial banks provide essential services in our economy. They enable the Fed to control the distribution and pricing of capital to the productive sectors of the economy. They provide secure depositary and asset management services.

Unfortunately, pending Congressional legislation has done nothing to address the central risks that the new financial landscape presents to our economy.

via David Paul: With Wall Street Shorting the Dollar, It is Time for Congress to Pursue Fundamental Change.


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