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I Just Finished a Novel About the Meaning of Money entitled: The Wiz of Iz

Who is The Wiz of Iz?

In the guise of a simple story, The Wiz of Iz contains a powerful truth in the form of a big idea.  This idea like, a philosophers stone, must be viewed from different angles and multiple perspectives for us to behold its splendor.  This idea is contained in Twelve Traces of Truth on the Tablet of Truth. It relates to the most powerful tool ever created by humans–MONEY. Money holds a mysterious power over our lives – a power so strong it can either bring our society towards collapse or revitalize the global economy and inspire a permanent economic awakening.  The key to unlocking this mysterious power is in thinking in a new way about money–a new way that integrates meaning with money. The story of The Wiz of Iz presages both the demise and rebirth of our financial system.

The Wiz of Iz is the metaphorical champion of a historic movement now underway–a fundamental change that is taking place at the intersection of money, meaning and markets.  The essence of this movement was captured by Albert Einstein when he said: “Not everything that counts can be counted and not everything that can be counted counts.” Einstein was talking about the limitations of markets.  Today the ups and downs of markets are a subject of endless chatter, but there has been precious little discussion about systemic flaws.  In The Wiz of Iz, discussion of systemic change is put into the context of a story that resonates on many levels?”