Notes of Note from John F. Ince

An economic stimulus of a rather creative kind ….. A health-conscious woman from Oregon will donate $1 million to Stephens College on one condition — employees of the womens college lose a total of 250 pounds by midnight on January 1. If the schools president, Dianne M. Lynch, loses 25 pounds alone, the donor will add $100,000 to the total sum.The woman, who wishes to remain nameless, believes that obesity in America is a problem. She wanted to give overweight people incentive to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.”This donation is unusual because its not about a program or a scholarship or any other kind of naming opportunity,” Ms. Lynch said on Friday. “Its about investing in the people who work at this college.”Ms. Lynch said she and her colleagues have already begun plans to lose the weight over the weekend. The schools president proposed the bargain after school alumna advised her to lose weight.”Its easy to talk about health and wellness, but its another thing to live out our goals and best intentions,” Ms. Lynch said. “Sometimes you just need that extra push, and a million dollars is one giant push.”

via Woman Will Donate $1 Million If College Staff Loses 250 Pounds.


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