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Bolder Giving

Those of us who consider ourselves of “normal” means may look at the giving of millionaires and billionaires and think “That’s nice.  If I had that much money, I could be that generous too.”  Jill Warren is a woman who doesn’t say “if.”  She and her husband, a minister, regularly give away at least 30% of their modest income to support causes they believe in.   If you missed the recent Bold Conversation teleconference with Jill, you must listen to the recording. You will be inspired!

Jill shared how she and her husband decided to start giving the percentage of their income that the average American pays for housing, which they do not pay because the church provides their housing.  She talked about the joys of giving, as well as the hard times they have encountered because they choose to boldly give and live check to check rather than save their money for themselves.  For Jill, the biggest benefit of giving is the liberation she feels in switching from worry over how to use money to gratitude for what they can do with the money by giving it away.  Their bold giving has not always been painless, like when the car broke down and there were no savings in the bank to help them out.  But reflecting on these times, Jill said “This is why we do it.  Not so we can have an easy life.  We’re giving because we’ve been given so much.”

To learn more about Jill’s story, listen to the recording of the teleconference, view Jill’s story page, or read the archive of her Chronicle of Philanthropy chat.  You can also join a temporary list-serv discussion by emailing Elizabeth at

via Bolder Giving.


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