Notes of Note from John F. Ince

Given the chance, who wouldn’t want to be an angel?  This term for investors who go in at the seed stage of new ventures makes doing so sound like a bucolic pastime. Marrying this with the opportunity to be instrumental in starting a world-changing, disruptively-innovating social enterprise sounds even better.

But there are few things that are heard more frequently among people trying to start that very enterprise, especially those working on the ground serving base of the pyramid segments, than that angel impact investment is nearly impossible to locate, let alone access.

And on the flip side, to be fair to potential investors, early stage social venture investment can be incredibly difficult.  Unlike tech angels who turn around to fund new web companies after their own goes big, at this stage (and Echoing Green Fellows start cranking out IPO’s) many impact-oriented angels are new to the type of business they are hoping to invest in.  Even if they are familiar with a sector like mobile phones or agriculture, they are certainly new to many of the hybrid value chains that social ventures exist within, or in the case of global development, new to a particular market segment or geography.

via Announcing Toniic: Aggregated Angel Investment for Social Impact | Blog | | Development through Enterprise.


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