Notes of Note from John F. Ince

WASHINGTON The Borowitz Report — In what some are calling a gross infraction against the White Houses code of ethics, President Barack Obama admitted today that he made several donations to Democratic candidates during the 2010 midterm campaign.”In retrospect, I should have been more upfront about these donations,” a chastened Mr. Obama told reporters today. “I dont want to do anything that makes the White House appear to be biased towards one party over another.”But the presidents statement “doesnt cut the mustard,” according to the most vocal critic of his donations, MSNBC president Phil Griffin, who said Mr. Obama would be suspended from MSNBCs air indefinitely.”If I had known that Obama was biased towards the Democrats, I never would have put him on our network so much,” he said. “Like most Americans, I feel pretty sucker-punched by this.”Mr. Griffin also unveiled MSNBCs new slogan, “Lean Forward, So We Can Kick Your Ass Out the Door.”

via Andy Borowitz: Obama Admits to Making Donations to Democrats.


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