Notes of Note from John F. Ince

Today, microfinance has created a parallel banking system that has displaced much of the traditional banking and lending structures in the developing world. The aggregate results, notably 100 million customers with a repayment rate in the high 90 percent, have proven that a networked, and largely self-organized, system of peer-to-peer lending can not only work, it provides a sustainable way to lift millions of people out of poverty.So now imagine a world where new global networks were created to match the scope of the new economic, environmental and security challenges. But rather than model them on a bloated and inefficient UN-type model, we modeled them on Kiva — with vast networks of people and ideas united with the full complement of skills and resources needed to translate good ideas into action.There are movements like the Alliance for Climate Change which attempt to educate, mobilize and change the policy of governments and global institutions. There are broader networks around multiple issues like Ushahidi — the web site that was initially established to map reports of violence in Kenya after the post-election fallout of 2008, and evolved into a global network to enable people to share information and organize for change.There are more formal networked institutions such as the World Economic Forum or the Clinton Global Network that address a wide variety of issues but who unlike formal state-based institutions are self organizing and act as meta-networks attempting to help other networks succeed.

via Don Tapscott: Kony 2012: Rethinking Global Problem Solving.


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