Notes of Note from John F. Ince

Online shopping may be where the attention is focused, but the brick-and-mortar retail store is still where 93 percent of total U.S. retail dollar volume goes. This, according to a new study from researchers at Javelin Strategy and Research.The new study also said that mobile payments will soon begin affecting the point-of-sale retail market in profound ways.”The retail POS market is evolving at a remarkable rate with the increased popularity of the e-commerce and mobile payments markets,” said Aleia Van Dyke, industry analyst at Javelin Strategy and Research. “Today’s consumers are demanding more digitized payment options to enhance their in-store shopping experience. The advanced features of non-traditional payment options like mobile and prepaid cards have encouraged adoption with today’s tech-savvy shoppers.”According to the new Javelin study, mobile payments will reach $5.4 billion by 2018. Admittedly, thats a tiny portion of retail POS purchases, which Javelin estimates will reach $4.2 trillion in 2018.

via Report: mobile to outpace other payment methods in next 5 years |


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