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7 Tips for Social Enterprises Looking to Raise Capital – Don Shaffer

What does it take to succeed? Based on my experience as an entrepreneur and now a social enterprise funder, these seven strategies–a mix of fundamental business building and savvy approaches to fundraising–will put your enterprise in the best position to get the capital it needs to realize its vision.

1. Build a stellar management team. Just as real estate is about location, location, location, raising money is about management team, management team, management team. The first question funders have is “Who is running the business and what do they bring to the party?” Do a ruthless assessment as early as possible. And if you have a gap, say so. Don’t force funders to hunt for weaknesses in your organization–it makes you look bad.

I recently met with a potential borrower that gave us no information about the management team other than their names. They have a couple million dollars in revenue and it’s a pretty complex business for the size–and they botched their financials to us. The business was a perfect fit for us, but it made us nervous that they not only didn’t seem to have a finance person, but also didn’t seem to understand that it was a problem.

2. Ditch the 70-page business plan binder. Funders don’t want to plow through that, and they won’t. Go with a one-pager that focuses on the top questions on the funder’s mind: Are you addressing a real problem? What’s unique about your business? Why you? Is this a growth business or a lifestyle business?

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Why Apple CEO Tim Cook Will Prove All of Us Wrong – AAPL, MSFT, SNE – Foolish Blogging Network

Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) CEO Tim Cook is a smart man. At least, he’s aware the American public thinks he’s no replacement for Steve Jobs.

How could he be, given the groundwork for innovation left by Jobs prior to his death. How could anyone surpass the man who revolutionized the technology industry, time and time again?

The iPhone pioneered the smartphone market in 2007. Few at the time realized iPhone was a sea change in mobile technology, and not a product designed for a high-tech niche.

And in April 2010, Jobs introduced the iPad, which is serving a far greater purpose than the creation of the tablet PC market. The more powerful effect of the iPad is the ongoing disruption of the traditional PC industry–the disturbances at the Intels and Microsofts of the world. In fact, Steve Jobs may be the sole reason that Michael Dell is seeking to take his lifeblood, Dell, private.

Despite the glory of Jobs, we can’t write off Cook just yet.

I’m here to spill the pudding and say it straight: Tim Cook wants to prove all of us wrong. Here’s the hard evidence that Cook is developing several game-changers that are likely to satisfy critics and shareholders alike:

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Is Bitcoin Crashing As Of Early July 2013? – Forbes

Is Bitcoin Crashing As Of Early July 2013?

The answer is definitely, maybe, kind of!

Your chart shows just over two months … they look rough!

But, in fact they happen to be among the calmer months in bitcoin’s life history.

How about this chart:

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