Notes of Note from John F. Ince


In mid 2005, if you were in the tech scene … you probably started hearing a lot about “podcasting” …. It was a pretty cool idea … that actually became much bigger than people realize … because today it goes by new names like – e-learning or YouTube … and some really big universities and companies are pushing the technology well beyond what we could have imagined back then.  But I got in on the ground floor first with my own podcast channel called PODVENTUREZONE …  and then hooking up with John Furrier and his  podcast network called PODTECH.

It was actually pretty cool to be a part of that group of early adopters.  Over the course of several years I did podcasts with probably well over a hundred startups CEOs, angel investors, VCs, analysts and assorted thought leaders.   I later started a podcast called “Green and Clean” podcast, a “Social Enterprise” podcast.  I’m still pulling together another podcast called “ … but don’t hold your breath waiting for it to congeal …

If you like to check out some of the vintage podcasts at Podventurezone or Podtech … they’re still online here.

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