Notes of Note from John F. Ince

Skeptical Visionary

True Confessions of a Skeptical Visionary

Right up front I need to be completely candid with you about something.  This is kind of personal …  Lately, I’ve been having an identity crisis – I can’t decide whether I’m a skeptic or a visionary.  You know the difference right?

• A skeptic is someone who sees all kinds of problems and then listens very carefully as people offer amazingly, elegant solutions to those problems.  But then … he or she thinks about them all a little more carefully, and realizes that none of them will work. .. and the one’s that will work are inconsequential in comparison to the scale of  the problems.  … whereas …

• A visionary is someone who sees these wonderful solutions, but he keeps looking for something more … something grander in scope … a schematic that connects the dots  to the all the solutions solution … and is bigger … transformative … and the more excited he gets about this grand vision … the more incomprehensible, the more impractical, the more absurd this vision seems to everybody else.

Well, I’ve been trying to reconcile these two competing identities and I’m really happy to report that all three of us recently had a rapprochement and we agreed to proceed precariously ahead in what we call skeptical visionary mode.  A skeptical visionary draws the best from both skeptical and visionary thinking.   The skeptical visionary starts out in skeptic mode …. he looks around and all he sees are things that don’t work now … and never will work.  But then he takes a few steps back, takes a deep breath, considers it all from a broader perspective and realizes: Hey, this big jumble of disfunctionality … of maze of confusion,  … this cauldron of chaos … is the wave of the future.  And everybody got it…. Everybody understood exactly what he was talking about.

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