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John F. Ince is an author, business journalistdocumentary filmmaker, social entrepreneurpodcaster and nonprofit administrator. Currently he is the host and creator of PodVentureZone, a regular podcast for the Venture Capital and entrepreneurial community and Founder / CEO of I-INSPIRE: An Operating System for the Social Economy.

As a journalist he covered the growth of the Internet economy as a Contributing Editor with Upside Magazine during the heyday of the dotcom boom and subsequent bubbleburst. He wrote major features on B2BSearch Engines,Supply Chain ManagementE-LearningEMS, Venture Capital Investment Banking and portals. His early articles on Google in 2000 and 2001, were amongst the first articles to predict the fledgling search engine’s eventual success.

In 2005, he completed a documentary film on the U. S. National Debt Entitled, TIME-BOMB: America’s Debt Crises Causes Consequences and Solutions. The film featured interviews with prominent businesspeople (George Soros, Peter G Peterson, Steven Rattner) U.S. Senators (Warren Rudman, Robert Byrd, Pete Domenici) and Economists (Harvard’s Benjamin Friedman and Kenneth Rogoff, and BU’s Lawrence Kotlikoff). In April 2006 the film was broadcast on national television, and again aired in August 2006.

He began his journalistic career as a reporter with Fortune Magazine in New York City and later joined the junior faculty of Harvard Business School where he helped develop case materials and the curriculum for the “Management of Technological Innovation” course. He also worked on cases on solar energy and assisted with the New York Times bestseller, Energy Future, Report of the Harvard Business School Energy Project. He worked as a casewriter at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government under the supervision of former Massachusetts Governor and Presidential Candidate, Michael Dukakis.

He is the author of three books and his writings have appeared in The Wall Street JournalThe New York TimesThe San Francisco Chronicle, Upside Magazine and numerous other publications.

Mr. Ince was recently selected as a featured hero by Better World Heroes ( primarily for his role as the creator of the Earth Pledge Campaign. In that capacity he wrote “The Earth Pledge” a short statement of personal commitment that was made by millions of Americans on the 25 anniversary of Earth Day in 1995. Today, school children in schools around the country recite the Earth Pledge as a complement to the Pledge of Allegiance.

Mr Ince spent is the founder of One World Inc. and the Earth Aid Foundation, which assists with fundraising for a broad array of environmental groups by creating special events such as concerts and bikeathons.

Mr. Ince received his bachelor’s degree in 1970 with honors in history from Harvard University, where he was an all American athlete in lacrosse, a member of three national championship squash teams and First Marshal, (President) of his graduating class. In 1973 he received his MBA from Harvard Business School, with a major in finance.

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  1. Who have been the First Marshals of Harvard College and what are they doing now?…

    * 2011: Sam B. Novey [1] * 2010: Nworah Ayogu [1.1] * 2009: Lumumba Seegars [2] * 2008: AJ Tennant [2.5] * 2005: Caleb I. Franklin [3] * 2003: Krishnan Subrahmanian [3.5] * 2001: Amma Ghartey-Tagoe [4] * 1997: Eli K. Aheto and Allyson V. Hobbs [5] * 19…

  2. Hi John: A message from an old friend. Paul the earthwalker. Your name popped up on the web and so i thought I would drop you a line and say hi. I am now living with my wife Konomi not too far from the Antarctic on the edge of a tiny village in the temperate rainforests of Patagonian Chile, where we have an organic farm, write books and more.
    Glad to see you are keeping busy doing the good things.
    Go well

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